Personal Loans from Private Lenders – What to do to Find them?

Are you struggling to find a bank or lender that will give you a personal loan? Do you need private lenders for personal loans that can help you even though you might not have perfect credit? Usually you must have nearly perfect credit to get a loan form a bank, however you have other options to consider. Here is a look at one of the best places to get a private personal loan from.

Prosper is a great place to start and it is an online lending marketplace. They started about 4 years ago and are the type of company that works a lot like eBay, only with money. Their interest rates range from the state maximums to as low as you can possibly go, plus the accept all types of credit. There are loans all the way from $1,000 up to $25,000 and they are all unsecured personal loans from private lenders.

You can sign up completely for free with Prosper. You have to give some of your information including name, address, phone number, birth date, social security number, and a few other things. They instantly pull your credit and assign you a rating for their site. You can, then join different groups on the site and if a group accepts you there is a better chance you will get a loan with a lower rate and higher amount.

Then, you can design your own listing for individual lenders to see. You can put up a picture of yourself, tell the potential lenders what you need to loan for, and how you plan to repay it. Each one of the lenders is an individual person and you might need multiple people to fund your loan, but this can help you get the cash you need. They are very innovative and are at the top of the class when it comes to private lenders for personal loans.

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